20 Creative Business Cards That Have Unique Designs

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Yoga Mats

This genius idea was converted into an effective business card by simply using a rubber band and the right material for the card. The Yoga mat manufacturer could get their name out with greater ease thanks to a simple re-invention of the wheel.

Seed Packet

This is another great example of a business card used to highlight the companys product. For a seed packet manufacturer, creating a card that could double up as a mini-version of their product was a superb idea.


Wine Glass Business

It is not always about taking the direct approach while creating a unique business card. This Wine Glass manufacturer used an associative method by creating a business card that relied on wine stains to create a design element on their card. The end result is both aesthetically pleasing and highly effective.

Chair Manufacturer

This chair manufacturer managed to highlight the many areas involved in producing their chair while also delivering on personal details, simply by making their business card interactive.